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1. Tornaado – a song which is influenced by Apelsin, Donna Summer and George Duke who was great favourite and role model for the members of the band. The latter probably also inspired the glimmer of the few jazz harmonies in the song.
2. Soling – for the members of the band, this song is entirely Valdur's (Lehtla) song. Once upon a time, Valdur came to the rehearsal room and told the others what to play. They did and everything sounded right from the very beginning. This song was definitely the fastest and simplest one to make in this cycle. Rello and Lehtla listened to a lot of reggae music at the time which is the reason why these rhythms were used in Tornaado's arrangements. Fortunately the other members of the band had nothing against reggae and were happy to go along with it and even offered their own ideas. That is why the cycle includes two songs with these rhythms.
3. Lendav Hollandlane ("Flying Dutchman") – with this tune, the bass player Mart Telliskivi tried to add a funky touch to the repertoire. Tornaado's experiments with electronic music can be heard during the interlude.
4. Star – according to Relli, both guitars were played through the phaser pedal in this song. The theme of the tune was created on a blues harmony which someone remembered. The tune was also memorable because it was recorded in the Harju TTV's (Service and Production Board's) rehearsal room on Paldiski highway onto a two-track studio tape recorder.
5. 470 – it was initially planned to have a bossa nova rhythm with a jazz-like harmony. But when we started playing it in the rehearsals, it became clear that the bass and accompanying guitars cannot handle bossa. Thus, something else had to be used and we turned to the reggae rhythms once again.
6. Finn – this tune carries influences from the early works of Jimi Hendrix. A little bit of disco which was enjoying the height of its popularity at the time and a pinch of Cerrone-like approach were also added.

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