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Jaak Jürisson (born in 1956) finished Tallinn Music High School in 1974. He continued his studies in Tallinn Conservatory which he graduated with a degree in composition in 1979.

Jürrisson sang and played keyboards in several pop bands during the 1980s. In 1980-83, he was a member of the group Kontor which was partially a joke band. In 1985, he joined the pop-disco group Monitor. Both bands released a 7” single to which Jürisson contributed as a musician and composer. In addition to all that, he released a four-track 7” solo single in 1984 where he plays and sings his own songs together with the best Estonian musicians of the time. The music on his solo single can be defined as complicated pop music with prog-rock influences. Jürisson’s instrumental tunes never made it onto a vinyl record.

Even though Jürisson sang several pop music hits in the 80s, he gave up singing but remained active on the music scene. Nowadays, Jaak Jürisson enjoys writing music for theatre and film.

The instrumental tunes presented on this album were recorded based on archive material in the Estonian Radio studio in 1990. The author himself remains tight-lipped when talking about these songs, he does not even remember being in Estonia at the time. He claims that the reason behind recording these tunes was that he had just gotten a new synthesizer, probably a Korg, and he wanted to test it out and record some demonstrational songs as quickly as possible. He never had any greater ambitions for these tracks which rarely made it out of the recording session and were never played at concerts. Three years later, four songs from this session were used when Jaak Jürisson took part in the Estonian Television show “Ahvatlev ettepanek” (“Attractive Proposal”) where he played them “live”. After that, these smooth jazz (or new age or fusion) songs were forgotten.

Jaak Jürisson holds classic music in great esteem. Most of all, he is interested in theatrical music, that’s why he enjoys also progressive rock.


1. Laste mängutuba (5:20)
2. Teda oodates (5:58)
3. Ta tuleb (2:53)


1. Väike paanika (3:14)
2. Korduvalt (6:03)
3. Rahulikult (2:39)

Composed by Jaak Jürisson
Synthesizer: Jaak Jürisson
Bass: Margus Minn
Recorded at Estonian Radio studio, Tallinn, Estonia 1990
Front photography: Renee Altrov
Back photography: Toomas Tuul / ERR
Master: Lynn Petrin, Ebony Cuts
Cover coordinator: Bassein

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